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19 May 2021 The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea was delighted to take the opportunity to hand over funds raised from the sale of our hugely successful Kenton Cuisine cookbook.. At a function last evening, a donation of R 65 000 was made to Sister Moira Bayley from Dolphin Coast Frail Care, and a further R 35 000 to the representative from Sunshine Coast Hospice, Dallas Ehrke











7 March 2021 – almost a year ago since Covid 19 Lockdown began and at last a chance to get together for a bit of open air fellowship. The occasion? – a car rally around the towns of Cannon Rocks, Boknes, Bushman’s and Kenton looking for the items shown on our photo lists, followed by a braai at Ther Lapa. Charl and Hugh Wormald won the newly minted, awarded for the very first time, very special MIKE WHITE FELLOWSHIP TROPHY.






20 October 2020: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea celebrated the eradication of the wild polio virus in Africa by Zoom-sharing with members and Friends of Rotary, a very personal polio story by PDG Greg Cryer. This was followed by plenty of fellowship and tasty Boerie Rolls. Although the cost of these was only R 30, an amount of R 2 700  was raised, which the Club will donate to Rotary’s End Polio Now (EPN) campaign. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match this at a dollar rate of 2:1. A big thank you to Greg for joining us, and to all our Friends for supporting us again. This is Rotary’s flagship programme into which, since 1985, we have put $2.1 billion. Now, the wild virus exists only in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we must keep going and finish the job.

















19 October 2020: The Covid epidemic has prevented the Rotary Family Health Days from taking place this year. As a result, the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea decided that it would be appropriate to pay tribute to the front line workers in our community. Many of our members spent the morning packing cake boxes with treats which were then delivered to our health workers in the clinics at Ekuphumleni and Marselle,  the carers at Dolphin Coast Frail Care and the staff at our local SAPS. All of these people have given a great deal to keep us as safe as possible, for which we thank you most sincerely. To our amazing Doctor and her staff, as well as to several other individuals who have made a significant contribution –  there’s something coming your way, too!

















9 October 2020: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea has been involved in a snare eradication project since the very early days of our existence ( 2009), and has been done in partnership with the Assegaai Conservancy. Because of Covid there has been a bit of a break in the regular monthly visits, but the programme has now started again.7 areas of footpaths and trails, including Merry Hill, were walked and checked by game guard Hunter, and Rotarian Will. They were lucky enough to see a Bushbuck ram, 2 Grysbok and 2 Blue Duiker – most of them in the Joan Muirhead Reserve which runs along Coniston Road. A total of 3 snares were found and removed, all made from wire which made them easier to detect than the fishing gut sometimes used by the poachers.











29 July 2020: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is proud to share with Sunshine Coast Hospice the news that two of our members, Rotarians Barbara Matthews and Sandy Smith will be walking 120 km in 6 days to raise funds for Hospice. Barbara is our most valued palliative care doctor and Sandy is making an impact as one of our newest members. Good luck to you both!

Sponsor their walk by making a donation to Sunshine Coast Hospice/ ABSA bank/ Branch code: 632005/ account: 4050102755. REF: WALK + your surname.














The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is so excited by Rotary International’s announcement of a new Area of Focus, namely the Environment. This aligns with a number of our Club projects and puts Rotary firmly on the right route to working towards the conservation and preservation of our planet. All Rotary projects fit into one of these 7 Areas of Focus, the others being




The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea has an on-going project to offer bags of compost for all those keen gardeners. This is thanks to Rotarian Simon Matthews who is supplying the wherewithal. and to Peter Reed who has spent back-breaking time bagging the compost.

Spring is not far off and we shall be running our annual Rotary Garden Competition as usual. You will find entry forms at Build-It, Buco, the Kenton Tourism Office and The Red Apple.

















27 July 2020:  The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea has just completed a second distribution of donated milk and porridge to local families some of whom are battling to foster, feed and clothe orphaned children. The club was the fortunate recipient of milk from Dairy Farmers SA and ready-to-eat porridge. The porridge initiative was developed by the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One and the North West University. Through sponsorship arranged by PDG Jaco Stander our club was able to secure sufficient porridge for 10, 000 meals.  Clothing has also been donated by some wonderful residents of Settlers Park retirement Village.. This has proved invaluable to the need to keep children and the elderly warm during this particularly cold winter season. Another aspect of this project has been about the wonderful team of young, locked-down Rotarian family members who have so willingly brought their energy and enthusiasm to the packaging of these items. This has been no small task when you see the size of the bags that contain the porridge! A great big thank you to them. Then to members of the club – Nomawethu, Anni, Hayley, Dave and your team, another big thanks for the great deal of time you have given to planning a then distributing these quantities of nourishing food stuffs. The appreciation from the recipients has been massive and there is no doubt at all of the difference it has made to those families.




































After the successful sewing machine raffle, we announce the start of a Whisky/ Wine raffle. This will be drawn on 2 November 2020.
















23 June 2020: The club held its Induction dinner on line for the first time. The meeting was attended by almost the whole club – what a new way of doing things! Congratulations to outgoing President, Ginny Reed, on a very busy, very effective year, and congratulations to incoming President, Dave Howard. With his enthusiasm and innovative ideas, he will be the best possible choice to lead our club in this “Rotary Opens Opportunities” year.

Congratulations also go to Dave as our Rotarian of the Year, and to Charlotte Wormald and Louis Hattingh who were recognised as our newest PHFs.




















19 June 2020: And then one of our members, Roger Carthew, had a brainwave. With help and a donation of a truckload of manure from another member, Simon Matthews – one of our wonderful farmers! – Roger is now overseeing the bagging and sale of manure for more community/ Covid projects.













19 June 2020: We commented recently of a wonderful donation of milk from DFSA. Two of our members, Nomawethu Nganqu and Hayley Howard, started making some deliveries locally to families who have foster children in their care. Once again – a huge thank you to our dairy farmers – this is changing lives.




























18 June 2020:  The Club recently ran a very successful Raffle for an Empisal sewing machine. A winner, Jill Maylam, was happily drawn, and then a very kind Friend donated a 2nd machine as a 2nd prize. Another draw was quickly organised and this went to Sue Burton. Grateful thanks to our donors and congratulations to two happy winners. A reminder that the proceeds are shared between the Mask makers , represented here by Lydia Palmer and Cecelia Immelman, and our Rotary Club. Both groups will be using these funds for further Covid related projects..












18 June 2020: Where to start?!! The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea has been very busy in the last couple of days. Pres Ginny Reed and Charlotte Wormald have just handed over 20 calculators to the Principal, Staff and learners at Ikamvalesizwe Combine School in Ekupumleni. This is the culmination of a pre-lockdown initiative, with Interact and Rotary funds vbeing used. They were received with warm appreciation and best wishes from the Principal, Mr Gqamane.














14 May 2020:

What an amazing community we are part of! The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea would like to pay tribute to the many people in our small corner of the Eastern Cape who have been quietly working away at amazing projects all of which are intended to keep safe those who are most at risk from Covid 19. First of all, there’s a group of ladies who have been tirelessly making facemasks  – to date 4915 of them! It won’t be long before it’s 5000. This project has been supported by donations of fabric, elastic and cash from both private and business donors. They have all been sanitized by our deeply caring doctor, Eleanor Galpin. She and her team have been towers of strength, providing health updates, counseling, correcting misinformation…. It’s a long list. The masks are sold at a very reasonable price and the money raised goes towards further community help projects.

The ratepayers associations of all our main centers – Bushman’s River, Boknes, Cannon Rocks, Kenton on Sea and the Alexandria Farmers’ Association members, – have been enormously active and instrumental in setting up and raising funds for food parcels, and then setting about the difficult task of delivering these to those most in need. This has had to happen overnight to avoid causing any upset in the wider community. Our local SAPS and security company, Hi-Tec, have played a significant role in making the deliveries possible. Just in the Kenton area the Rate Payers (private individuals, businesses, farmers – in fact everyone who has a spare rand or two – in some instances a lot more) have been extraordinarily generous in funding this huge need and, through KOSRA, have raised just short of R 550 000 to date. This has enabled the distribution so far of a total of  2347 parcels. Huge thanks must go to Sunshine Coast Spar, Alexandria SaveMore, Clover Milk, Coega Dairy/JustMilk, ChicorySA, Cape Eastern Livestock, Kat River Citrus Co-op, farmers and private donors who have donated meat and all sorts of other produce.

There is always the unwitting danger when naming names, that someone will be missed. If this is the case here, please accept the humblest of apologies from the writer hereof. It is completely unintentional. On behalf of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea, we extend our thanks and praise to every member of all our communities for their unstinting generosity towards those less fortunate than ourselves. We are humbled and uplifted to be a small but relevant part of the amazing community efforts. This is indeed a time for community to work with community and, above all, let’s make Kindness Contagious.

4 May 2020:  A really huge round of applause to the Kat River Citrus Co-op in Fort Beaufort for the delivery today of a truck full of oranges. These will be bagged and included in the next delivery of food parcels through KOSRA and our Alexandria initiative.  We are deeply grateful and humbled by the generosity of those who are supporting The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea, and partners, in their efforts to help our communities. The strength and integrity of Rotary does it again!
















28 April 2020: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea, District 9370, is reaching the end of its third Covid 19 intervention in our local communities. Starting with a partnership with Sunshine Coast Spar and KOSRA (Kenton on Sea Rate Payers Association) and some private donations, our Club contributed R 20 000 to a drive to put together and deliver food parcels to those in dire need in the Kenton locality. This was shortly followed by a contribution of a further  R 20 000 to our neighbouring community covering Boesmansriviermond, Riversbend, Marselle, Klipfontein, Boknes and Cannon Rocks together with their Rate Payers groups. Much of the distribution has had to be done overnight to ensure that parcels could safely be delivered to those identified as being the most needy – those with no work, no income and no sort of grant income. The third phase extended our reach into the nearby community of Alexandria where 250 more food parcels have just been distributed successfully and without incident. An example of the parcel contents would be:  2 x 1L Full Cream Milk, 450g venison, 500 g salt, 750ml cooking oil, 2kg Spar rice, 410g tin baked beans, 1 x box 100 tea bags, 500g stock cubes, 500 g soya mince, 1 bar of soap, 5kg mealie meal, 2.5 kg sugar. Our local SAPS, Municipal councillors and HiTec security have all played a big role in making this possible.

This initiative, undertaken by Rotarian Dave Howard on behalf of the club, was supported almost entirely by private donations and support from the Alexandria Farmers group, Savemore Spar, Clover Milk, Coega Dairy/Just Milk, Chicory SA and Cape Eastern Livestock.

This is by no means the end of the effort required, and there will be more to come in the next weeks as other sponsors pledge their support. We are looking to source and supply such things as ventilators, masks, sanitiser and anything else that emerges as an essential requirement to keep our local community as safe as possible.

Needless to say, YOUR support would be hugely appreciated and we offer you the opportunity of making donations safely through our Rotary Kenton on Sea Covid 19 account details for which follow.

Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea / Standard Bank/ 051 117 / 281106592. REF: Covid 19

You are welcome to specify who you wish to support by adding the name of that community.

(Kenton / Ekuphumleni/ Boesmansriviermond/ Riversbend/ Marselle/ Klipfontein/ Boknes/ Cannon Rocks/ Alexandria)

Rotary is highly regarded internationally and is consistently recognized by Charity Navigator as the most reliable, transparent and effective NPO to which to donate. Your money goes where it makes the most difference.
























22 April: SANBS visit was a huge success with a target of 25 units, a huge 34 units donated. This after all sorts of permissions had to be obtained to allow their team to come at all. Well done and a huge thanks to all donors. This is saving lives. Thank you, too, to our Municipal staff – to Thulani and Niki especially, for following up and getting permission for the Town Hall to be used. And to Station Commander, Tommie Parkinson, for being so helpful and making sure there would be no problems.   




















The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is partnering with the local Kenton Ratepayers Association (KOSRA) in a humanitarian initiative in this lockdown time of the Covid 19 virus.  The club has donated a significant sum of money to KOSRA towards a food delivery campaign.  The KOSRA committee will collaborate with the local Spar outlet to deliver food parcels to those in need in our community. 

We have also made a donation to the local SPCA in a time of severe financial shortage in this lockdown period.  This non profit organisation needs money for pet foods, medicines and salaries for the workers.  Due to the lockdown, they have not been able to do any of their planned fundraisers and have appealed to the public also to consider donations to the SPCA. 


25 February 2020: A busy evening! First up were our speakers, Dr Marette Dreyer from Kariega Vet Clinic, and Monika Boulanger, with their team (Verona, Debbie, Jone, William and our own Nomawethu), from their Domestic Animal Care project which focuses on disadvantaged pet owners by providing them with primary health care for their animals. Attention is given particularly to sterilisations and Rabies vaccinations. The programme also focuses on education which has the additional benefit of preventing the spread of disease to humans. Funding is always a problem, so contributions in cash and kind are more than welcome and can be dropped of at the Kariega Vet Clinic in Kenton.

Then, we had the somewhat sad task of bidding farewell to Audrey Barnard. Audrey has been a staunch supporter of Rotary and the Rotary Anns, of whom she has been a member for many years. Most recently, she has also been a supporter of our Interact Club at Ikhamvalesizwe Combined School. Her husband, the late Tjaart Barnard, was hugely instrumental in bringing the concept of Interact Clubs to South Africa and, in his memory, Audrey has established a Tjaart Barnard Award for the Interacter of the Year. Go well, Audrey, and we shall look forward to your visits back to Kenton whenever you can.

Our Club was instrumental in the creation of the Rotary Action Group, RAGES, which spreads awareness and support for endangered species. To this end, we partner with the Chipembere Foundation whose representative, Jo Wilmot ( our most favourite rhino person!) was with us to receive a donation of R 16 000. We know it will be wisely spent.

By no means least, a Vocational Award was then presented by PP Sandi Peter to Caroline Steele-Gray, for her generous contribution of discounted, quality stationery for our annual Christmas Tree of Joy project. This generosity enabled us to give out gift packs to 358 disadvantaged recipients who would otherwise probably have had very little to celebrate. Very many thanks, Caro – we value your support.

The evening ended with noisy fellowship and snacks provided by members.

#D9370RCKOSRocks   #RotaryIsFun

































2 January 2020: The New Year miniBoat race, held at the mouth of the Bushman’s River, was a great success and lots of holiday makers joined us for this fun event. Prize money went to the first 3 boats to cross the finish line, skippered by Sue Melvill, Josie Horwood and Brenda Brown – well done to them!! Thanks and well done also to the organisers and boat rescuers and to the braai masters for continuing the entertainment into the evening. The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is back in action for what promises to be a busy start to 2020. As always, a big thank you to all our friends and supporters. You help make it possible for us to do what we do – change lives and make a difference.
































What a wonderful evening with Duck Chowles and friends on 28 December! The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosted this event to a full house and the Town hall rocked to the sounds of classic 60’s and 70’s music. Our auction always plays a big part at this event and adds to the fun of the evening.To our sponsors – Melvill and Moon, Pearl Sky (via Periwinkle Foundation), Amakhala Hillsnek, Sibuya, Kwandwe and an anonymous donor of 3 impala – a HUGE thank you. Congratulations to Ian Long, winner of the wheelbarrow raffle and a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters. Rotary appreciates and values your involvement with our projects.


December 2019: Our Tree of Joy is running outside Spar from 11 to 17 December. 






7 November 2019: It is always a privilege to welcome the DG for his club visit and we were delighted to have DG Jaco and Lisa with us yesterday. After a visit to several of our projects, DG Jaco met with the Board for an al fresco meeting before joining with the rest of the club for our evening function.

It was equally a privilege to have Jaco help induct three new members, making us firmly the 2nd largest club in D9370 with 46 members. DG Jaco’s message of encouragement and thanks was much appreciated as PAG Roger made clear in his response to Jaco on behalf of the club. DGN Maddy was also with us and was the very happy winner of the wine draw!

Lastly, and certainly not least, Charlotte brought three of our Interacters, Angela, Masonwabe and Unathi, to meet the DG and express their appreciation for all that they have learned and experienced through their Interact/ Rotary connection. Our youngsters are very much a part of our club and we applaud them for their Service Above Self.






































29 November 2019: Dr Lauren Stretch from Early Inspiration gave us a fascinating talk on the state of Early Childhood Development in which she is an expert. She has been a key partner to our Global Grant to train 14 local pre-school practitioners who have just finished, and passed! the NQF2 stage of this programme. The statistics remain frightening when one realises that 75% of E Cape kids live in poverty, only 21% attend any kind of ECD between the ages of 0 – 2 years and 35% drop out of the education system completely by the age of 11. SA has a really good ECD policy but the implementation falls short – this is where partners like Rotary can help to make the difference. Children Learn what they Live. This sums it up in a nutshell – we need to do better.













23 October 2019: How smart are we?!! This is our new look signage at the entrance to town.











22 October 2019: We celebrated World Polio Day ( 24 October) by hosting a fun Fondue evening to which our members invited their friends. Barbara presented a talk outlining the history of Rotary’s involvement with the eradication of Polio worldwide, drawing attention to the billions of dollars which have gone into this effort, thereby saving at least 18 million children from the ravages of this disease. Interestingly, South Africa has only very recently been re-declared polio free because our continued efforts to vaccinate all children, every year, everywhere had dropped below the required level. With Nigeria having been clear of any wild polio virus cases for the last 3 years, Africa is on the verge of being declared polio free – what a milestone this will be. So much credit goes to the dedicated Nigerian Rotarians (#Pearl Ijeoma Okoro) who have pursued this disease into every last corner of their borders despite the dangers of going into Boko Haram strongholds. The last wild polio virus is now present only in Afghanistan and Pakistan – the war must continue until it is finally stamped out.

















19 October 2019: The Kenton on Sea Primary School Earlyacters held a carwash fund-raiser at the school grounds. Great fun and lots of splashing took place amid mouthfuls of yummy cupcake. The youngsters were supported by the members of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea Youth Service Committee. Funds raised will go towards the Earlyact community projects.






















11 October 2019 saw Rotarians and their friends rocking to Garry Botha’s tribute to Neil Diamond. The event was held at the Continental Conference & Event rooms where a delicious meal of paper-wrapped Fish’n’Chips was served before the show began. What a fun, feel-good evening  – thanks to all involved!



















1 October 2019: AG Mike Peter presented PP Sandi Peter with the Presidential Citation achieved by the club in Sandi’s year.










1 October 2019: We were delighted to present a cheque for R 13 000 to Trish Gillies of Sunshine Hospice. The club also wishes Trish well in her retirement.














17 July 2019: For our Mandela Day project, members of the Club got together to put together covered scribble books for children in the pre-schools we support. At the same time, the NSRI pink rescue buoy which our club sponsored, was put up at Kariega Slipway.
































25 June 2019: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea held its annual Induction Dinner at the Dias Angling Club. MC Dave Howard led proceedings; Lee Slater lit the Peace Candle; toasts by Simon Matthews and Rob Cross, the latter also being the winner of the Spoon. Willem van Rensburg was recognised for an almost 100% attendance during the year; the President’s outstanding service award went to Will Braithwaite and AG Mike Peter was recognised for his sterling work on getting our ECD Global Grant approved. PDG Bruce Steele-Gray then stepped in with surprise recognitions of a PHF to PP Sandi Peter and a PHF +1 to AG Mike Peter. President Sandi then inducted Ginny Reed as our new Club President. Round Table Alex 210 President, Jacques Venter, took the opportunity to swop banners with President Ginny. The evening was catered by the Continental Deli who provided an excellent meal in the absence of “bosses” Eugene and Ruleen de Witt who are heading for Maastricht and an Andre Rieu Concert. Very many thanks to everyone who played a part in creating such an enjoyable evening. We all look forward to a year in which Rotary Connects the World and we play our part by serving our community, whilst having FUN!
























29 May 2019:  Six members of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea visited to Port Alfred hospital where we handed over 10 Baby Bags to Acting Matron Fundiswa Mzananda. The bags are intended for our Fish “n” Chip babies (whose families have nothing to give their new baby), and contain a receiving blanket, baby-gro and/ or jersey, a beanie, nappies and a baby soap or cream. This project arose as a result a gift of such items from a visiting American Rotarian, and has grown from there as other wonderful people, notably Cheryl Thompson, have also given us clothing and other items. Kenton Spar allowed us to have a trolley collection for various baby items over the Easter weekend which was supported by a generous public. After a recent work party to put the bags together, we were at last ready to make the hand-over. Many thanks to everyone who has given something towards this project, in particularly Kenton Care- Givers who presented us with a donation of R 1000 to use going forward. Needless to say, all donations in cash or kind would be hugely appreciated, not least by our baby recipients.



Encourage all clubs to get involved with the youth in their communities. Rotaract, Interact and Earlyact play a great role in Rotary














15 April 2019: Great beginning to the teacher training for our ECD. Level 2, Global Grant project, with Early Inspiration. All 19 candidates were ready for an early start today, on a journey which will give them an NQF qualification and all the tools they need to become effective teachers of pre-schoolers – that vital period in any child’s development.





















15 April 2019: 5 April 2019: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea supported SANBS again today, creating awareness of the event and encouraging those who can to come and donate their pint. Well done to those committed supporters – we exceed the target by 4 units – making a difference in 4 more lives. Thank you all!.











4 April 2019: Over 50 years of Service Above Self!  This was the topic presented at our Speaker meeting last night by our Honorary and much loved member, Revd Glen Craig. Glen first joined the Rotary Club of Cape of Good Hope in 1968 as a young man of 30. As a minister in the Presbyterian Church, (later Moderator) and as a Rotarian, he was able to bridge so many divides and to help heal so much conflict in a ministry which took him from Fishoek (via Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was one of the inmates to whom he ministered), to Ladysmith, and Grahamstown to Kenton on Sea where he now enjoys a very active “retirement”. He has always enjoyed being involved with Youth outreach programmes and was instrumental in helping us establish our Interact Club. An inspiring man to his congregations and to his fellow Rotarians – thank you Glen for your dedication and for a glimpse into Rotary of yesteryear – with no women!!













4 April 2019: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is delighted to introduce our two newest members. Nomawethu Ngangqu and Anni McInnes were inducted last night and were presented with new member certificates by President Sandi. Welcome to you both and may you find a happy home in our club and making a difference in our community!











5 March 2019: A fun evening flipping pancakes after our evening meeting – in aid of Club funds. In a hotly contested “flip-off”, flippers Hayley, Louis and Will showed off their paces. Hayley’s got dropped and Louis’ ended up on the clubhouse roof so Will was an outright winner – definitely some practising going on there!
















26 February 2019: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosted a speaker meeting to which our Interacters and members of our community were invited. The speaker was acclaimed photographer and film maker, Marius van Graan, whose talk centred on the success story regarding the protection and population growth of the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. As recently as 1994 (our own year of Freedom), Rwanda was experiencing one of the worst acts of genocide ever recorded. Marius told us how the partnership between Volcanoes National Park, the Kenyan based Governor’s Camp Collection and a local community established Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, all backed by firm government commitment to recognising the benefits of conservation to grow the country’s economy. Rwandan President Paul Kagame effected the end of the genocide and has since been almost entirely responsible for the country’s emergence as a strong, stable State with a number of policies our own South Africa could learn from. A fascinating talk – thank you, Marius.












19 February 2019 The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea held its annual Vocational Awards evening. The object of this award is to identify members of our community who go the extra mile to provide service to their fellow citizens. Yongama (Yoks) Ntintili most certainly did this.

During the 2018 high season Kenton and Bushmans experienced a severe water crisis as the Municipality effectively ran out of water.All local communities including the holidaymakers were affected.  Many households relied on the Municipality to deliver  tankers of water to help them get through the worst periods. Yoks is the Water and Sanitation Supervisor in Kenton and Bushmans for the Ndlambe Municipality.  He and his team literally worked day and night to ensure those worst affected received emergency water supplies via the water tankers.

Thank you Yoks for your dedicated commitment and willingness to assist the Communities  of Kenton On Sea and Bushmans during the crisis.    As a result most of the holidaymakers were able to get by and complete their stay in our holiday towns.    You and your team deserve credit for the friendly and efficient service you delivered in very difficult circumstances.

A second award was made to Nick Allbrightson, a dedicated member of Kenton/ Bushman’s Estuary Care, and the Merry Hill Property owners Association. Nick has done a fantastic job to ensure that our beaches and estuaries remain clean and plastic free, and in Merry Hill to ensure that potholes are dealt with and the electric fencing is kept in good repair.  Many thanks to Nick for his commitment to our community.

A third award was made to Trish Gillies from Sunshine Hospice. Sadly Trish was not able to be with us, but her huge contribution is widely known and many members of our community have been the recipients of her dedicated care. Thank you, Trish. We hope you’ll be caring for us all for many years  to come











January, 2019: 






















22 January 2019: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea was delighted to welcome our DG, Gianna Doubell, on her club visit to us. After a visit to the SAPS trauma unit which the club has recently refurbished, Gianna met with the Board with whom she shared some very positive ideas,( while the men served tea and cake!). This was followed by a full club meeting, during which DG Gianna gave a most stimulating address, and inducted our newest member, Dr Peter Williams. Welcome to our Club, Peter – may you find a very happy home with us, serving our community. Willem was especially happy because the use of a PA system enabled him to hear every word!





































30 December 2018: What a very special ending to 2018 and great start to 2019. This afternoon we met Ahmad who comes from Somalia. Ahmad had heard about our LN-4 prosthetic hands through my housekeeper, Eunice. His story is familiar to so many people who come from places of conflict – a terrorist act had deprived him of both his right hand and most of his left leg. To be able to help him with a hand is a profound happiness and another example of the ways Rotary Inspires and makes a difference. Go well, Ahmad!




















23 December 2018: What a great evening with Duck Chowles! Grateful thanks as always to friends of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea who supported this evening, especially to participants in the Auction. The star of the auction was was this rhino, carved in Leadwood and presented by Dave Howard. To our other sponsors – Buco, Shamwari, Oceana and The Islander – also a big thank you. As for the musical stars – WOW WOW WOW! – that was such fun – please come again!!




















18 December: A huge thanks to Friends of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea, Nicci and Si, for a donation of beautiful toys and children’s clothing. Recipients have already been found at Jehovah Jirah who thanked us, and you, with a bunch of flowers. Spread the joy of giving – thank you!












December 2018 Our Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea Tree of Joy has been up and running outside our local Spar for the last week. This is a project many Rotary clubs support, in various different ways, the object being either to collect gifts, or raise funds to purchase gifts, for those for whom Christmas would be just another miserable day. Thanks to such generous Public giving, we can now distribute gifts amongst the children and elderly of our community. Their Christmas has just become a lot less bleak – thank you.




ONCE UPON A TIME, somewhere in the Southern-most part of Africa, live the Fish ‘n’ Chip babies. These are the children from families who are so poor that, when a new born baby is taken home from hospital, it is wrapped, not in snuggly baby clothes and receiving blankets, but in newspaper because there was no money for anything else – hence the name.

The plight of these infants came to the notice first of all of an Anglican church group and they initiated a programme to try to provide at least one item of baby clothing for these little ones. Most recently, as a result of a Rotary Friendship Exchange, Rotarian Richard Mittelman from the Rotary Club of Libertyville Sunrise, D 6440, Illinois USA, and his wife Jan, heard about these babies from Rotarian Marlene van Rensburg, a member of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea,    D 9370, South Africa, who hosted the Mittelmans one evening. Jan was so distressed by this story that she got together with some friends back home and they set about making 63 baby beanies, 22 receiving blankets and 14 tiny little jackets which reached Marlene in time to be distributed around Christmas time.

Thank you to this wonderful organisation of Rotary which is so full of fairy godmothers, and others, who are all trying to make a difference around the world. Thank you, Jan, for caring – there will be some snuggly babies born this Christmas time, who won’t be feeling the harshness of newspaper.

28 November 2018: Our youngsters from the Interact Club of iKhamvalesizwe Combined School had there end of year function at Middle Beach. Hosted by Rotarians Charl, Pam and Carol, the youngsters had a fun-filled day which culminated in a very special event. In memory of her husband, Tjaart Barnard, Honorary member Audrey has created a Tjaart Barnard Award for Interacter of the year. Tjaart, a wise and greatly respected member of our Club until his passing in Dec 2017, was responsible for introducing Interact to South Africa. What a singular achievement! The award was made  for the first time today to Masonwabe Nyapa. Congratulations to an outstanding young man. Recognition pins were also awarded for attendance to: Sharon Mnyungula, Siposethu Nyisha, Amile Dabula, Zusakhe George, Chloe Kani and Masonwabe Nyapa. Congratulations to you all! The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is very proud of its Interacters. We are also very proud of our Youth Service Committee members.

27 November 2018: What a busy meeting this was. We were delighted to welcome visiting Rotarian Laurie Bond, an ex-South African, now a member of the Rotary Club of Wellington North, New Zealand.

27 November 2018: The final speaker meeting of the year ended on a high note with Brian “Bugs” Wilmot giving us a talk on the production of his new book “LA Lore 2″ .Remember ” LA Lore ” ? – tales and cartoons involving some of the more eccentric and amusing characters in Lower Albany! Well those characters and others like them are still alive and well and Bugs thoroughly entertained us with a few stories from the new book, co-authored by Quentin Hogge and illustrated by Basil Mills. The book is available locally at Kenton’s KNA – a great Christmas present!! Seen here with PP Peter and PDG Bruce, who thanked Bugs whilst adding a few memories of his own about Bugs.

27 November 2018: Always an important event in our club is the induction of a new member. A big welcome to Steve Daly! We hope you’ll find a happy place in our club and join in the fun as we work to improve our community.

25 Nov 2018: Homewoods was the venue for our Club Xmas lunch this year and many thanks to them for a great meal. There was no shortage of fun, members being requested to arrive wearing a hat – any hat, the more original the better. The winner was Barbara for putting a great spin on the fact that the originator of the idea, Hugh, was missing! Thanks everyone for making the effort and many thanks to Will and his team for putting it all together. (More pics in the Gallery)

October and November 2018

Our Club has been very busy in the absence of the Admin person – me! So here’s a bit of catch up!

20 November: The Garden Competition prize- Giving took place at this evening’s meeting. Once again we had a great range of participants in most categories and some very deserving winners. Thanks go to all our very kind and much appreciated sponsors of prizes.

Overall All Winner was Dirk Meiring; Category winners were: Andile Sifunda, Sarah Plaatjies’ Dina Erasmus, Martie Seal, Sjoekie Fourie and Lynette van Dyk (General gardens); Thobeka Mlamla and Annie Kleynhans (Veg gardens); Loretta Heunis ( Pavement/ Street Appeal); Vanessa Gibson – special mention for her indigenous pavement garden.

23 October and the Club hosted a Fondue Evening in support of World Polio Day. This was a great success and funds raised went to Rotary Foundation End Polio Now. Thanks so much to our ever-supportive community.

The 5th Tuesday on 5 November was the occasion for a bit of fun as members embarked on a beach Clean up followed by a braai.

20 October saw our Earlyacters engaged in a Carwash to raise funds for their community service projects. This was very well supported and amount of R 1970 was raised. Projects receiving support from our Earlyact Club include SPCA, Rhinos at Sibuya, Jehoval Jireh Orphanage, the Marselle Soup Kitchen and, of course, Kenton primary School. Well done on an excellent year!

6 October took our members to Huis Dias in Alexandria where our annual Seniors’ Tea took place – a change from the Two Rivers Place in Kenton whose residents, with others, have been the beneficiaries for the last few years.

25 September 2018: Our Club enjoyed a fascinating talk by Mike Palmer on Anatolian guard dogs at this week’s speaker meeting. These beautiful animals bond with their flock of sheep and keep them safe from almost all predators, including extremely wily jackals.

AG Mike Peter took the opportunity to present our Presidental Citation certificate (2017-18) to PP Peter Reed. This is something our club aspires to Achieve each year and is proud to receive this recognition.

25 September 2018:   For 18 years SAPS Station Commander, Port Alfred, Colonel Zeelie, has had a dream – to establish a Trauma Centre in the Kenton on Sea area to meet the needs of those who have been the victims of abuse. On 25 September 2018 her dream at last became a reality when the small wooden building (provided by the Periwinkle Trust) set in the grounds of the Police Station at Kenton, was declared ready for action. It needed cleaning, painting, decorating, furnishing and electrifying and, in partnership with The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea, the Periwinkle Trust, Buco and the VLV ladies from Alexandria, all of this has happened. This transformed building is now fully operational, and staffed by two lovely members from the Dept of Social Development, Amanda and Patricia. They will be available at any time, to assist anyone who suffers abuse in any form. The opening was attended by Col. Zeelie,  W/O Tommy Parkinson, Sue Dovey from The Periwinkle Trust, our Ward Councillor, Ayanda Nqosha, Lizzie Ziqula, area manager from Dept of Social Development, a number of happy Rotarians and members of the SAPS. Acting Station Commander, Laetitia Laubscher, addressed the gathering and expressed grateful thanks to everyone who has played a part in this incredibly worthwhile development. Rotary: working with the Community, for the Community. #People of Action

16 September 2018: What a record breaking turn-out for the annual Kenton Rhino Run! 984 entrants – several hundred more than at any other venue countrywide. The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea was there providing breakfast and we extend a huge thank you to our sponsors – Feathers farm for the eggs, Spar for bread rolls, Rotarian Dave Howard for delicious wors, Rotarian Eugene de Witt for sourcing the bacon and Vibrant Aqua for bottled water. With so many people, our chefs were kept pretty busy as were the marshals. Well done too, to the organisers (Jo Wilmot – what a star!). It was a great advertisement for our town, all in the name of Rhino conservation.

2 September 2018: Rotary Spring Luncheon & Donation to Hospice. Despite inclement weather, the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosted a full house at a delicious luncheon where we made a donation to Sunshine Coast Hospice from funds raised at the Pigeon Races held in July. Trish Gillies and Jean van der Riet  were there to receive the cheque on behalf of Hospice.Very many thanks again to our faithful Friends of Rotary who once again supported our event. Funds raised will go towards Rotary Foundation projects.

28 August 2018: The club invited our local Alex/ Kenton Round Table 210 members to join us. Chairman Marco Taljaard spoke about their club’s projects and and Alan Malan (currently Round table National Vice President) encouraged us all to support their major fund raiser, Kenton Capers, which will be celebrating its 40th production in December. Our President Sandi reminded the Tablers that there is a great club for them to move to after Table …. the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea!

Sunday, 29 2018 July dawned very mistily ahead of the Rotary Club of Kenton’s annual Hospice Pigeon Race. Thoughts of lost birds briefly flitted through my mind and were happily dispelled as the sun broke through. The birds were released in Ixopo and were well on their way back to Diaz One Pigeon Loft by the time we race-goers gathered to greet their arrival.The first 6 birds fluttered down at about 1:15 to cheers of encouragement urging them back into the Loft where they are electronically timed in. It doesn’t count if a bird is first back but chooses to sit on the roof checking where its friends are! The winner is announced …. Michaeleen Bates, 2nd was Sue Steenkamp, and 3rd, Jacques de Coning who very kindly donated his winnings back to Rotary. The support from the Diaz Club and from our local community was, as always, wonderful. Thank you all – our Sunshine Hospice is the main winner and there will be a handover of funds raised shortly. Well done and thanks also go to Rotarian Don Thomson for all his hard work as Convenor.

The Winner – Mikey Bates, with MC Steve.


Home, sweet home


The Leader Board

25 July 2018 Our Interacters learning to make pancakes ahead of a fund-raiser planned for later this term. Lots of fun for everyone and learning a very useful skill – we all need to know how to make pancakes. Well done Rotarians Charl and Pam.

24 July 2018: Our club was treated to an excellent talk by Jessica Renaasen from Early Inspiration, which specialises in all aspects of Early Childhood Development. This talk was in line with a Global Grant our club is working on, in order to raise the funds to train the trainers in a number of local creches . Many of the teachers are currently not properly qualified, making it impossible for them to bring the critical stimulation and skills the children in their care so desperately need.

President Sandi also had the happy task of inducting the first new member in her year, Joy de Bruin. Joy has been closely involved with the club for quite a while  and we are all delighted that she is now a member. Welcome, Joy, and may you have many happy Rotary years with the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea!

23 July 2018: SANBS came to town and our community did them proud. The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea provides refreshments for the staff and advertises locally to try to encourage more donors. We had 27 donors today, which kept things lively in the 3 hours of “business”. Thank you to those wonderful donors – this is saving lives! And well done Mike Wilmot for representing our Club as some of us are a bit ‘dicky’ age-wise so can’t donate!

18 July 2018: President Sandi, AG Mike and PDG Bruce took loads of blankets to give to the children in 6 of our local creches to celebrate 100 years for Madiba. These were made up by the ladies of the Club and bring something warm and cuddly for the little ones to snuggle into at nap time. The happiness is palpable!

26 June 2018: Congratulations to District Treasurer Tony Swift on your PHF +1!! On behalf of DG Wally (who is in Toronto, complete with red and white regalia, in case you wondered where he was!!) and all members of District 9370, PDG Bruce made this presentation to Tony in recognition of the stirling work he is doing to keep the District finances in immaculate shape. Richly deserved, Tony!

26 June 2018: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is delighted to welcome Erna Light as our newest member. Welcome, Erna and we hope you find a happy Rotary home with our club! It was great to have DGE Gianna back with us briefly to be part of Erna’s Induction.

23 June 2018: Work is progressing on Phase 3 of our Rotary pavement project. Watch this space opposite Kenton Spar! Thanks and congratulations also go to Nita Pollock and her team who are creating beauty in our town.

The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea celebrated its 10th Induction Dinner on 19th June. Outgoing President Peter Reed was congratulated on a well-run, fun year which he completed with an impressive full attendance record. President Elect Sandi Peter is all set to live up to the idea of dynamite wrapped in small packages! Congratulations Sandi – the Club wishes you a wonderful year. Congratulations also go to Colin Armstrong on a very well deserved PHF recognition. We were delighted to welcome DGE Gianna Doubell and Cameron Scott amongst our guests. DGE Gianna spoke about RI President Elect Barry Rassin’s theme – Be the Inspiration. Rotarians world-wide are people of Action who try to Connect, Inspire and Transform our communities.The Presidents Elect from the Rotary Clubs of Grahamstown, Grahamstown Sunset and Port Alfred also celebrated with us as did representatives from Probus, Lions and Round Table.We’re all Making a Difference. (See New Gallery on for more photos).

14 June 2018: Our final Combined Board Meeting held at the Reeds’ House. Thanks for a well-run, happy year, President Pete, – and for achieving a 100% attendance in the process of leading us!

12 June 2018: We were delighted to have AG Maddy with us one last time at our meeting this evening. It was an evening of awards and thanks – from our club to Maddy for an outstanding job as AG for the last 3 years, from Maddy to incoming AG Mike Peter, to Pres Peter Reed and to District Treasurer Tony Swift – a frequent traveller with Maddy. Maddy’s words resonated with us all as she spoke of Rotarians as ” a group of ordinary people who do extraordinary things……. (and) … do the right thing above the popular thing”. That’s our Club and that’s what we’ll continue to be and do. We wish Maddy bon voyage to the International Convention in Toronto and all the best in continuing to Be the Inspiration in the 2018 – 19 Rotary year.


8 June 2018: We held our annual Fisherman’s Feast. An event that is fine-tuned a bit more each year, it is now a very slick performance! The auction was very well supported with some beautiful Nguni hides and 2 nights for 2 at Kariega Game Reserve being among the items very generously donated . Grateful thanks to all those wonderful donors of auction items and food contributions: Kariega Park, BUCO, Kenbush,, Dave Howard, Cliff Reynolds, Louis Pedro, Mike Peter, Edgebaston Wines, Chas Everitt, Build-It, Diaz Fishing Club,  Nicky White , Andrew de Jager, Eugene & Ruleen de Witt. A raffle for a wheelbarrow of booze was also a success – wonder why?! But overall – very well done to convenor Will,  and to Steve for co-ordinating the auction. Auctioneer Rodney Austin was, as always, a star! The food was better than ever – thank you Justin’s team. Rotary works best when it works together – this was FUN!! Funds raised will go to our local community projects – Changing Lives and Making a Difference. And thank you to our ever-generous Friends of Rotary and supporters. Without you, this wouldn’t happen.

(See more photos in New Gallery)

Monday 21 May 2018: SANBS came to town again. Not quite as good a turn out this time so please save the next date – 23 July 2018 – when they come back again. The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea continues to support the good work being done. Remember – it’s not just blood – it’s saving lives – may be yours!

The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea makes a huge difference in our community through our Wheelchair Project, run by Rotarian Barrie Brown. We have just taken delivery of 5 brand new chairs in partnership with Dischem who have agreed to provide wheelchairs through Rotary Clubs throughout South Africa at a very favourable rate. These wheelchairs reach those members of the community who would otherwise have no access to such a life changer.This initiative was started by our very own IPDG Bruce Steele-Gray. Contact our club for details.

4- 5 May 2018 Assegaai Weekend away: 16 of our members were able to get together for the week end at Assegaai Trails. It’s a great venue – so close, so reasonable and lots to do. What with AfriKub, Boules, croquet and charades we were kept busy and entertained. Hope we can go back there again. There’s space for more of us!

20 April 2018: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea got busy at the Kenton Primary School planting trees. Each class took ‘ownership’ of a tree, all of which were planted at the end of the school playing fields. Our Earlyacters will also be playing a role in this project which was inspired by the Rotary International President, Ian Risely, who requested Rotary Clubs throughout the world to plant trees during the course of the 2017 – 2018 Rotary year.Rotary making a difference, Rotary caring for our environment.

17 April 2018: Celebration of the Club’s 9th birthday at our International Dinner. The event expressed the global reach of Rotary International and how its ideals spread peace, tolerance and goodwill. Each table represented a different country, the menu reflected different cultures and the members rose to the occasion by dressing accordingly. Small prizes went to the best dressed lady, June Bell, best man, Eugene de Witt and the most original, Don Thomson.  What a fun evening and thank you and well done to all of us!!! The evening was further enhanced by the attendance of AG Maddy who welcomed PP Mike Peter as her successor as AG from 1 July 2018. Mike will look after the Rotary Clubs of Grahamstown, Grahamstown Sunset, Port Alfred and Kenton on Sea.

12 April 2018: Youth Service director, Sandi Peter and Pippa Steele-Gray went to the Alexandria High School to deliver personal hygiene packs for the girls, provided by the Rotary E-Club of SA One Global Grant, with which The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is a partner. This initiative is directed at improving school attendance by keeping girls in school.

20 February 2018:  WHERE’S WALLY? in Kenton on Sea of course! A lovely DG visit with Wally and Arlene which included tree planting and a sort of Cinderella shoe fitting – and good fellowship. Safe travels for the rest of your visits.

1 February 2018;  President Kayleigh Smith from the Kenton Primary School Earlyact Club presenting a number of Usborne Atlases to principal Mariaan Wessels. Sourced from the UK, these Atlases follow the Usborne Dictionaries. Both publications are an excellent sourse of information and reference links for learners and teachers alike. Well done to our Earlyacters!.

16 January 2018: It with great pleasure that the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea inducted its newest members, Ruleen and Eugene de Witt. Welcome to our wonderful Club!

It is with great sadness that our club paid final tributes to Olive Wilmot and Tjaart Barnard on their passing in the latter part of December. We remember them with gladness for their lives and great respect for their significant contributions to their communities, their dedication to the Rotary way of “Service above Self”.

27 December 2017: The last function of the year and what an evening it was! The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea held its annual Christmas event in a totally different format comprising a fantastic trio of musicians together with our fund raising auction. Kevin Abraham and “Folkify” had the packed audience spellbound by the trio’s skill with guitar, violin and so-called “tomato box” percussion – quite brilliant! We shall definitely be asking them back again for our local audiences to enjoy. Rodney Austin as always did a wonderful job persuading our supporters to part with their cash – thanks Rodney! –  and a very worthwhile amount was raised for us to put back into our community service projects. Very many thanks go also to those who sponsored items for the auction – Buco, Shamwari, Royal St Andrew’s, Oceana , The Quarterdeck, PDG Tom McGhee and Convener Steve Tredoux. The “winner” was the most wonderful book, from Steve, called Remembering Rhinos. This item was very hotly contested and deservedly went to Mr Rupapis – enjoy!! And finally – a big thank you to everyone who supported this event, and to all Rotarians who helped make the evening the success it was. Our Club looks forward to the New Year and continuing, with your help, to Make a Difference.

Sunday 26 November 2017: Christmas lunch at Stanley’s new venue. What a lovely spot and what a great team our Club is. Everyone added to the occasion by doing something, bringing something or just being there. We did miss those of our members who couldn’t make it. 5 hampers were there to be won – either by lucky draw or by being particularly skillful at playing Australian Heads and Tails. And then there was the Floating Trophy which shouldn’t be given its full name in such a public forum! Thank you to everyone who was there for making it such fun. (See Galleries on for full pictures)

Tuesday, 21 November 2017: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosted a very well-attended evening to recognise and congratulate the prize winners in our annual Garden Competition. The competition is open to all members of our community and covers a number of categories which include: best vegetable garden, best pavement garden, best overall garden.

The evening also saw representatives from Sunshine Coast Hospice (Jean van der Riet and Trish Gillies) and Chipembere Rhino Foundation (Brent Cook) receive cheques for R 15 000 and R 21 300 respectively. These funds were raised as a result of the wonderful participation by members of our communities who had fun with us at the Pigeon Race earlier this year, the Rhino Run and also from donations by Clubs in D 9370 who attended PDG Bruce’s conference in Grahamstown in May. Both Hospice and Chipembere do so much more than meets the eye and we are delighted to be able to support such organisations.(see  Gallery for more photos)

2 November 2017: Our club hosted a social for the Youth Exchange group with Gussie and Hilary Augustus – part of a tour to show the group a bit more of our country. They come from USA, Canada, Belgium, Sweden and Brazil. Lots of fun and fellowship and a window through which our members got a better idea of the power of the Youth Exchange programme. (For more photos, see our Gallery on

31 October 2017: It’s a 5th Tuesday!  So it’s time for fun and fellowship provided by Rotarians Willem and Marlene van Rensburg we treated us to a Mongolian Braai at their home. Remember the Rotary tag line – Is it FUN? Yes it was!  and many thanks to Willem and Marlene for a great evening.

(For more photos see Gallery

Our dedicated Attendance Officer – Brian Bell

24 October 2017: To recognize World Polio Day, the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea held a Speaker Meeting function to which Club members invited friends and family. The event raised funds, designated for the End Polio Now Campaign, from a beautiful hamper raffle and served as a great opportunity to showcase this aspect of Rotary to our community. As a Polio survivor herself, our guest speaker, Mrs Erica Freeme, gave us an insight into how debilitating this virus can be and fully endorsed Rotary’s commitment to eradicating it worldwide. Jo Wilmot was the lucky winner of the hamper!.Pam Gush gave the toast to RI and, being Zambian Independence Day,  PDG Bruce Steele-Gray’s weekly toast was to the Rotary Club of Luanshya, which is home to our Rotary Zone Co-ordinator and Foundation Chair, Patrick Coleman. Many thanks to our community for giving our club such great support and thank you to everyone involved in making it such a successful evening.

Wednesday 18th October: Our Interacters have crafty fun at a Club meeting with visitor from Australia, Jessica Wormald, learning to make Origami lilies. They’ve also been making beautiful ‘friendship’ bracelets.


Tuesday, 17 October: The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is delighted to welcome our newest members, Carol and Don Thomson. We look forward to sharing the fun of Rotary with you both, and know you will contribute to making the difference in our community.

16 October2017: What a happy day as nappies were distributed to 5 local preschools and Jehovah Jirah in Alexandria. Many thanks to RC Gately for donating these items to us. Still Making a Difference!

Tuesday 10 October: AG Maddy came to our meeting and was warmly welcomed by Pres Peter. She spoke about her relationship as AG with the presidents in her group and about the qualities she finds in good leaders. She then called on IPP Tony Swift to come forward to receive an award in recognition of his excellent year as President of the Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea. Well done, Tony – you deserve this accolade!

Friday, 22 September 2017. Past President Mike Peter presented 2 bicycles to Hi-Tec, Kenton on Sea to assist with their patrols in our communities. The bikes were given to our Club by the Rotary Club of Empangeni at our District Conference in Grahamstown in May. RC Empangeni Rotarian Fulvio Pace has created a partnership with a group in the USA which collects bikes and ships them out here in container loads of around 500 bikes each time. They are then distributed (at the discretion of their Rotary Club) in local communities – as always, making such a huge difference in so many lives. Many thanks to RC Empangeni!

Sunday 24 September 2017:  What a fantastic turn-out for the annual Rhino Run at Kenton on Sea. Over 600 entrants took part in either the 5 or 12 km event – considerably more than any of the bigger centres in SA – well done to all of us!!! The weather had cleared and the runners – and strollers – had a great time. Our Rotary Club provided bacon and eggs rolls, hotdogs and hot beverages which all disappeared into hungry bodies. Very many thanks to our sponsors – Feathers Farm for the eggs, Sunshine Spar for the rolls and Friends of Rotary, Carol and Jean for the hotdogs. The funds raised will be put to good use by Rotary: Making a Difference. Thanks also to our Interacters who either ran or helped with the marshalling. And of course to the rhino girl herself  – Rotarian Jo Wilmot who worked so hard to make Kenton one of the venues for this event to take place.

Thursday 21 September Saw The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosting their annual Senior’s Tea at the Peter Bennett Centre in Kenton. On a rather mizzly day our guests enjoyed a scrumptious tea and entertainment provided by the Kenton Primary School Earlyacters. The afternoon concluded with guests finding the sticker under their plate to identify the winners of a chocolatey surprise. Seven of our guests came from Dolphin Frail Care, including 99 year old Phyl Lewis. A happy afternoon for us all.

Monday 18 September 2017 A big Rotary thank you to our local community for supporting the SANBS/ Rotary partnership. So many people showed up to donate their pint and make a difference. That pint will save a life


30 July 2017 – what a fun day we had yesterday at the official home of the Diaz One Pigeon Loft, alias the Coorr coorr club! The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea was delighted to partner again with the Pigeon Club as a fund raiser for the Sunshine Coast Hospice. Unlike last year, the day dawned cool and windless and expectations were high that these amazing birds would deliver the goods timeously and that is just what they did.

For this 8th Race of the season, the birds were released from Ixopo at 7:30 am and, I’m told by expert, Luiz Pedro, that it was once again a true example of an ultimate race. The birds had to endure all 4 seasons en route from calm weather to windy patches, cold to warmish weather, open skies to overcast conditions, spots of rain and then the natural conditions of mountains, kloofs, contours and draughts. The distance, according to my trusty Google friend, is 664.2 km via the N2 and would take 8hrs30 driving.

The race tested the birds to the extreme and the first batch of 13 birds arrived at 2:33pm (just about exactly 7 hours!) to great applause and excitement especially on the part of the 120 people attending the charity fundraiser.

To win, a bird has to be the first to be clocked in as it enters one of the three small entrances at the Loft. This can cause some angst as the first arrival may well take time to check out the garden and what might have been happening in its absence thus leaving the way clear for another bird to nip in ahead of it and claim the honours!

The first bird in belonged to Dr Thys Potgieter  (bird no. 105 EC DIAZ) who has the knack of producing the goods with at least one win a year. 2nd bird in was Henry Quirk’s bird no. 1831 SRF.  3rd bird home was Poggenpoel en Seuns with bird no. 4932 PSWU. Not very glamourous names for such amazing creatures but perhaps names like “Poppy” and “Rosie” wouldn’t quite fit the bill either…..

Each ticket holder at the day’s event was matched with their “own” bird and the results were as follows:

Hospice Race Winners:

  1. Trish Gillies
  2. Greg McFarlane
  3. Tracy Wilmot

How wonderfully fitting that the winner, Trish Gillies, should be a member of the Hospice team, represented at the event by Zelda Elliott, Jean van der Riet and Terry Harris. Congratulations, Trish!



20 June 2017. What a happy evening as we celebrated  President Tony Swift’s year and inducted Peter Reed as our new president for the year 2017 -18. Celebrating with us were Johan and Leonie Grobler from Probus, Nick and Sue Allbrightson from Lions, Alan Malan from Round Table and Presidents and Presidents Elect from the Rotary Clubs of Port Alfred, Grahamstown Sunset and Grahamstown. It’s always a pleasure to have our own Rotarian Glen Craig, who will celebrate 50 years of Service in Rotary shortly – an inspiration to us all! Well done to Sandi Peter who received the President’s Award and our club is proud to have two new Paul Harris Fellowship recipients, Mike Bailey and Mike Peter. And the winner of a Magnum of delicious red wine, donated by Roger Carthew, was Delene Hawkins, President of the RC Port Alfred Anns. The RI presidential theme for this year is Rotary: Making a Difference and that’s just what we shall continue to try to do in our Communities.


12 June SANBS in partnership with Rotary Kenton and District 9370 held a Blood Donation day in the Kenton Town Hall. A successful day was had and the number of donors doubled from the previous few visits. The idea is to grow this even more – we want queues of people waiting to donate!!

11 June 2017 RC Kenton hosted a Discon After Party. A fun day, saddened only by the news from Knysna. So many Kenton folk responded to the Club’s plea for assistance and the District Plea for monetary donations reached a figure well over R 500 000 – still growing. Debbie Smuts related her experience driving a vehicle full of donated goods – horrific to live through. (See more photos in the Gallery)

8 June 2017   KNYSNA FIRE   The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is putting out a plea for any items of clothing and bedding and non-perishable foodstuffs to be donated for the Knysna fire disaster. Please drop any items you may have at the Chas Everitt Office in Main Street, Kenton. Our District 9370 will also be working with the Rotary Club in Knysna and the District Governor from D 9350 to assess what we can do as a District to help.

9 – 14 May 2017 The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosted 4 wonderful couples on an RFE from South India, District 2981. Once again, we’ve all learnt a great deal about each other’s countries and cultures and a number of our club members are looking forward to the reciprocal RFE in 2018. The group enjoyed a trip to Addo, a visit to Sibuya Game Reserve and a tour round one of the best dairy farms in the region. They were hosted at various dinner parties and evening fellowship get togethers which stretched their hosts’ knowledge of what it means to be vegetarian! Thank you to those hosts! ( See RFE India Gallery for more photos)

28 April 2017 – the annual Fisherman’s Feast was a huge success with a full house, full tummies and many thanks to all our supporters and sponsors!

27 – 31 March 2017. The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea has just hosted the second Socionext Workshop for young enterpreneurs. Socionext is a Dutch NGO which partners with SAB to reach unemployed young people to give them a chance to learn how to start a business using just the resources available to them. This group of 17 youngsters worked together with consultants Iqbal and Babala to brainstorm ideas regarding possible businesses, research the possibilities, do the market research and then get started. Four main ideas were finally pinpointed – a Mobile Car Wash Service, which comes to you, the customer, Eyethu Tshisa Nyama – a rapidly spreading idea, where they set up a braai ‘shop’ in a suitably researched place in the community, from which they cook to order. This could expand to offering their services to cater a function for you. Guided Bicycle Tours of the area was the next idea – one which has great potential in a country where cycling is so popular – and what a great way to see the neighbourhood! And by no means least, the fourth idea is Ubuhlebendalo (The Beauty of Nature) which makes Xhosa cultural products – beadwork, small jewellery boxes etc. Each of these groups would greatly appreciate any mentorship/ expertise which members of the public may be able to offer. They will be getting together for a follow-up session in May. Please contact our Vocational Service Director, Peter Reed ( to find out how to get involved. In a country where youth unemployment is unacceptably high, we are delighted to have been chosen to partner with Socionext and SAB – thank you Bridget Evans ( whose family are all strong Friends of Rotary) of SAB for bringing this initiative to us at Kenton.

One of the presentations                                    The Team                                               Iqbal, DG Bruce, Babala, Peter Reed and President Tony

And lastly but not least, after a very busy few days, our RFE guests met with our Interactors, Education being of considerable interest to all of them

8 Feb 2017 The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is delighted to welcome Sheila White as our newest member

Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea hosts Rotary Friendship Exchange  3 – 8 Feb 2017

On Friday, 3 Feb a group of 12 Americans arrived at Kenton on Sea for the start of their RFE with our Club. They came from several different clubs in Oregon, USA, District 5110, and what a wonderful group of people! Their programme included a trip up the tidal Bushman’s River, a visit to nearby Sibuya Game reserve, an opportunity to interact with our InterAct Club and some of the pre primary school teachers at a work shop run by the Club’s Youth Service committee, Sandi Peter. American team leader, Camille, gave a most generous $200 gift to Sandi for the Club’s Youth projects. Their five day stay culminated in an evening meeting with members of both our club and RC Port Alfred and RC Grahamstown Sunset, where banners were exchanged and presentations made by each of the RFE visitors. They made every effort to promote their beautiful part of the US to tempt us to take up their offer of a return RFE. This offer is open to all Rotarians in District 9370 and will probably take place in October of this year. The RFE travels on to a night in the Addo Elephant National Park, several nights hosted via PDG Kevin Dersley in Port Elizabeth, a night at Storms River and on to Cape Town where the RC Newlands will host them for the rest of their 3 week stay.

A fun visit to Sali’s tavern followed by supper with Nomawethu’s family – 6 Feb 2017

2 Feb 2017 The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea mentors the Early act Club at Kenton Primary School where they have just indicted their new office bearers, Lexi Pienaar, Kayla Sansom and Juliana Henning, with Rotarian Ginny Reed.

2 Feb 2017 Saw us take possession of a container organised by Mike Peter and Roger Carthew which is now installed at the Dias Angling Club where we are able to use it for storage

2017 January is Vocational Month in the Rotary Calendar

13 December 2017 – Our last meeting of the year took the form a very sociable bring and braai. The suitably colour-co-ordinated winners of the champagne draw were ….. Willem and Marlene. Enjoy!!

Mrs Dee Joiner was the lucky winner of the porcelain doll which was recently raffled by the Kenton on Sea Rotary Earlyact Club of Kenton Primary School. Kylie Croucamp, whose family kindly donated the doll, presents it to Mrs Joiner. An amount of R 1120 was raised and the members decided to donate this to a small school for disabled children in Marselle, and to supporting our Rhino Project. Well done to our Earlyactors!!

7 December 2016 Club member Barrie has just given out our 110th wheelchair to a lovely lady in Alexandria. She is so pleased with her wheelchair which now allows her to get around so much more easily.The couple have no means of transport of any kind so it was quite an emotional visit. A wonderful way for Rotary to Serve Humanity.

Mrs Ronel Haroch of Alexandria.

2 December 2016 What a brilliant evening with the Ian von Memerty Show, hosted by our club! Ian and his wife, Vivienne, brought us an evening of sheer entertainment – so professional and slick that even the vagaries of the sound system ( managed by our very own Tony Wiener!) failed to throw him in any way. What a coup, Roger Carthew, for making this happen – well done!

And guess what ? – The von Memerty Show is booked for our District Conference in Grahamstown – 25 – 27 May 2017

von-mem von-mema von-memc von-memd

1 December 2016. At last! All but done and dusted, the paved pedestrian way to Middle Beach is complete. Many thanks to Makana Brick, Kwaaihoek Builders and to PP Mike Peter for overseeing the project. Rotary serving the Community.

rotary-path-dec-2016 rotary-path-dec-2016a

Sunday 27 November saw almost all the members of our club at Stanley’s for a festive Xmas lunch. Well done, MC Roger as always for the ice breaking games and awards! To Val and her team also – the tables and Xmas tree looked great. The euphemistically named “floating trophy” went to Barry Brown – we won’t broadcast why! Ginny Reed won an aptly named bottle of liquer for the best outfit – a real Christmas wrapping, Ginny!  and Jenny Tredoux won the magnum of wine for “correctly” naming a certain 5000 year old artefact. Beautiful hampers were won by Olive, Denise and Mikey B. A lovely day and great food – well done to Stanley’s.

rotary-xmas-2016-014 rotary-xmas-2016-015 rotary-xmas-2016-018 rotary-xmas-2016-032 rotary-xmas-2016-036

The Marselle Vegetable farmers are working hard with the onset of summer growth and their crops are looking great. Rotarian Tony continues to mentor and encourage the group who sell surplus produce at Build-It – delicious and well priced!


22 November was a busy evening at our Club meeting. Along with inducting a new member and recognising Roy Wilkins, we had a whole lot of winners visiting us to receive acclaim and prizes for the recently held Garden Competition. Many thanks to Jon Houzet from Talk of the Town for coming along and putting it all in print and on the newspaper’s Face Book. The competition was run by Rotarian Kevin Bates, and covered, such categories as Best Overall garden, best in Kenton, best in Bushman’s, best vegetable garden, best street verge etc. It was great to have so many members of the public from all our communities taking part. The intention is to encourage our citizens to be proud of their community and do their bit to enhance our surroundings. Amazing to have 94 year old John Guntwana and his wife from Marselle being a winner in the vegetable garden category. (See album with all photos on our website –


22 November 2016 The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is delighted to welcome new member Will Braithwaite to our ranks. In DG Bruce’s words, we need new members in order to share the privilege of being Rotarians, and in order to do more good in the community. Welcome, Will!


With Vall Hill, Will Braithwaite and Pres Tony Swift


Fourteen Pre School supervisors and assistants from 5 pre schools in the Kenton and Marselle area, attended the tenth and final meeting for 2016 on 15 November.  Rotary President Tony Swift awarded certificates to those who regularly attended meetings throughout the year.

The Rotary Youth Services Committee ran a competition to find the most improved pre-school.   President Tony announced the winners:  Ekuphumleni Pre School won the first prize of plastic tables, chairs, educational toys and games.   Second prize of educational toys and games went to Lukhanyo Pre School.

Second prize winners:   Lukhanyo Pre School assistants  receive their gift certificate from Rotary President Tony Swift and Youth Services Director Sandi  Peter


First prize winners:  Ekuphumleni Pre School assistants receive their gift certificate from Rotary President Tony Swift and Youth Services Director Sandi Peter


Staff members from Ekuphumleni, Kamvelihle, Lukhanyo,  Masibulele and Vezukhanyo Pre Schools with Rotarians Pam Gush, Marlene van Rensburg and Sandi Peter.


On Monday 26th Sept Ginny and Pete Reed ran a “personal growth/leadership” and “senior school preparation” workshop for the Kenton Primary grade 6 and 7’s, respectively.

As this activity falls within the “aims and objects” of Rotary, they decided to include this as a project under the Rotary Vocation banner- the Vocation committee agreed with this idea. The workshop was conducted during school hours and involved 43 pupils. Much fun and success was enjoyed.

The task they had to do at this personal growth and leadership workship was to build a tower, in groups, using only 10 spaghetti sticks, a piece of string, a length of sellotape and the marshmallow , which had to go on top.  The tower had to stand for twenty seconds!  Three groups of eight got it right, and the winning group was the one which was tallest.

rotary-earlyact-sept-2016 rotary-earlyact-sept-2016 rotary-earlyact-sept-2016a


The practical workshop held on 6 October was busy and fun in spite of poor attendance.   However, a representative from each school was present so knowledge gained will hopefully be passed on.   Thank you Marlene v R for your assistance and for the delicious rusks provided for morning coffee.  Rotarians be assured, your waste was well recycled!

24 September. Thank you to our amazing club for turning out in such numbers for an evening with District Council and District Finance members who visited us for a meeting on District Affairs. They were all struck by what a good vibe there is – we’re clearly having fun!!

district-council-006 district-council-008 district-council-016 district-council-021 district-council-027

Members of the Club were busy again yesterday, 17th September, with the annual Senior’s Tea. Beautiful sweet and savoury eats arrived on plenty of time to be served up to more than 60 guests, plus 6 senior Seniors from Dolphin Frail Care. The Interact Club from iKhalvalesizwe Combinec School provided musical entertainment and the afternoon finished with a bit of excitement as guests were asked to turn over their plates in search of a pink or green sticker which would win them either the lovely floral table decoration ( provided by our lovely Val! ), or a box of chocolates. Despite somewhat inclement weather, a good time was had by all and Convenor, Caro, thanks everyone for their help and contributions. Another successful event!!

bea-and-co-018 interact-024 rotarians-010

The Kenton Primary School Earlyact Club has finished painting the wall outside St David’s Anglican Church in Bushman’s and attended a simple Dedication service on 16th Sept, delivered by Hon Rotarian, Revd Glen Craig! A work of Art

dedication-of-wall-sept-16-14 dedication-of-wall-sept-16-4

A Lovely evening was spent at Middle Beach, Kenton when the club members gathered together for the Blessing and installation of a bench in memory of one of Founder members, Dave Slater – a very special man who epitomised Service above Self and served humanity wherever he could..

dsc_4019 dsc_4022 dsc_4042

August 2016. Youth Service has been busy again, this time creating a mural on the wall leading to St David’s Anglican Church at Bushman’s. Artistic director Ginny Reed got the Kenton Primary School EarlyActors into their best painting gear over a number of days. A great bonding project!!

DSC_3989 DSC_3992 DSC_4053 DSC_4057

Entrepreneurship workshop (1 – 5 August 2016)

The Rotary Club of Kenton-On-Sea hosted and facilitated an “Entrepreneurship Workshop” conducted by Socionext. Socionext, an NGO based in the Netherlands, is funded by SAB (SA) to conduct workshops around South Africa, particularly in rural and semi-rural environments.

The programme took place over 5 days and proved to be most informative, with a high degree of success. After brainstorming a number of possible business ideas, the twelve participants eliminated those which were less do-able and settled on three worthwhile options with sustainable opportunities, namely  cultural catering,  production of leather goods and establishing a swimming “academy” for the disadvantaged. Three groups of four participants were exposed to numerous business practice skills and processes to establish their “businesses”. This was conducted by the two highly experienced and enthusiastic presenters. By the end of the week the groups were in a position to present, to members of the public, their business “plans”, ideas and initiatives for the way forward.

An interested party, Mr Pierre Rousseau, offered his time and skill to act as a mentor for the participants in the early stages of their established businesses. Individually these participants gained not only in the business skills but went away enriched with many personal skills. One participant summed it up when he said “I have grown so much this week and am a better person having experienced the workshop!”

Thank you to Mike and Sandi Peter who were the “movers and shakers” behind this project as well as thanks to all Rotarians , in particular the Vocational members, for their support and help during the week.

DSC_3973 DSC_3984


Staff from pre schools in the Kenton area meet monthly with members of the Youth Services sub committee to share ideas for suitable activities to provide learning opportunities for the children.

The shortage of resources in the 7 preschools in Ekuphumleni, Marselle and Klipfontein limits the activities staff can offer and thus hampers the development of various skills in the children.

A District Grant was used to purchase jumbo crayons, chubby pencils, the necessary sharpeners  and blunt nosed scissors.  At a busy workshop,  Rotarians covered 180 recycled cans in colourful plastic and filled them with crayons….a can for each child.

Along with pencils and scissors in recycled ice cream containers, the crayons were delivered to the pre schools this week, received with thanks from staff and joyful songs from the excited children.

DSC_3999 DSC_4004 DSC_4010 DSC_4013

26 July 2016 DG Bruce is home for long enough to make his club visit to us, his home club. Guardian of attendance Brian Bell recorded a record 93. something %. Thanks everyone for such a great support and for being the club you are. We’re so proud! Thanks also to AG Maddy for being here and to Val ‘s team who, as always provided a fantastic meal.

DSC_3952 DSC_3961

Congratulations to the recipients of PH’s at our recent Club and DG Induction: Pres Tony Swift, Barbara Matthews and to PDG Tom a sapphire to his PH. Congratulations also to Barrie Brown – our Rotarian of the Year, and to Jo Wilmot for her 100% attendance award. Rob Cross won the “wandelstock” (sp?) and Steve Tredoux, the wooden spoon. We were privileged to have Hilary and Gussie Augustus with us as well, both of whom received Sapphires to their PH’s.

IMG_6718 IMG_6725 IMG_6788 IMG_6790 Rotary Barbara PH

The Rotary Theater Evening and matinee have just come and gone. Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy this wonderful event – what a piece of theatre! What a performer! Thank you to Simon Cooper for making such an excellent choice. Thank you to Marlene, Val and all the wonderful usual suspects who rushed around cooking, decorating etc. El Blanco will be remembered!

Awards 006

Awards 005 Awards 002 Awards 004NO CELL PHONES!!!!!

18 June 2016 DG and President Inductions. It really was a Gala evening! The hall looked wonderful, the guests glittered and the programme went like clockwork. As nearly DG Bruce said “I have never been so proud to be a Rotarian”! DG Tom gave a most entertaining report back on his year and presented DGE Bruce with a number of items he felt might be helpful in the year ahead – these included a whip – to be used on recalcitrant Clubs? …. Pippa?…. and a carved antelope – the Buck Stops Here! President Mike Peter reported on the Club’s year and handed over the chain of office to nearly President Tony Swift. MC Peter Reed orchestrated the whole evening to perfection.

Awards were made to DG Tom – a sapphire to his PH and also a Certificate of Recognition awarded by DGE Bruce on behalf of District 9370, for an excellent year ; Gussie and Hilary Augustus- sapphires to their PH’s for their dedicated service to both District and Youth Exchange; Barrie Brown – the Club member who has quietly given so much “service above self”; Tony Swift and Barbara Matthews, PH’s for their unflagging service to the Club and to the Community; Jo Wilmot for 100% Attendance; Stirrers’ spoon went to Steve Tredoux.

Thanks go as always to Val and her team for a wonderful evening and to Cheryl and Naartjie Moss for creating a spectacular Hall and great food.

B and T 6783 Me B T M 6784 Mike Tony 6734 Tom Mike P 6790 Tony 6729 Tony Mike 6725


A team of 19 from our club set forth for Potch on 8 June. This gave us a day to recover, find our way around and rehearse our presentation for the 2017 Grahamstown Conference. We finally won the Attendance Award! Yay!! We came home with a signed poster for the BATS show, we blew up balloons, we wore our tartan waistcoats, we enjoyed all the speakers, we mostly learnt something, we made lots of new friends – quite a few called Mike! – and we partied – mostly with decorum! The only hitch was the DGE having a flat tyre outside Steynsburg and had to be rescued by the Grahamstown Sunset angels, Mahesh and Luc. Well done to DG Tom and his PotchMooi team – we had a great time and look forward to having Tom back in the fold after all his travels. ( See Gallery for more photos – the true story!)

Balloon blowing 054 Bruce Denise 063 KOS 081 Luc Mahesh 123

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