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21 November 2017 The Club handed over a cheque for R 21 300 to Brent Cook. This included donations made at Discon in Grahamstown.

24  September 2017 Saw the annual Rhino Run at Kenton on Sea again. A wonderful turnout of over 600 participants for the 12 and 5 km distances.


August 2016 The Club was delighted to present a cheque to Chipembere Rhino Foundation for distribution to local Reserves, Sibuya and Kariega. It has taken time to get the various parties together for the presentation and during this time a number of arrests have been made thanks to dedicated work of the anti-poaching teams at both reserves, working with the SAPS

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May 2016. The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is delighted to see how well the two Sibuya Private Game reserve rhino orphans are doing. After the brutal slaughter of their mothers and the ultimate death of their father, the whole neighbourhood was in mourning. Now we look to the future of these survivors and a special presentation will be made to Sibuya, as soon as possible, as a result of funds raised at our recent Fisherman’s Feast evening, specifically for this purpose.

Rotary Sibuya orphans


Sammy’s friend Blade is the latest recruit in the anti poaching war.

Rotary K9

Chipembere gets another donation from our Club. Raised from the recent Seafood Extreme evening, our Club was delighted to hand over a cheque for R 23 000 to Chipembere representative Conrad Phipps and star of the

show, German Shepherd, Sammy.

Rotary presentations Aug 2015 023 Rotary presentations Aug 2015 020


Our Turkish RFE at the end of Feb 2015 made a very generous donation to this worthy cause, and we celebrate with Kariega Park on the birth of Thandi’s new calf – Thembi (meaning hope)


The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea is partnered with Chipembere as a result of a talk to our Club by Dr William Fowlds. His plea to us was to spread awareness of the plight of the rhino. PP Bruce Steele-Gray took this message to heart and asked Dr Fowlds to speak at our District meeting in Oct 20?? As a result of his presentation District also adopted this challenge and 3 members of our Club took the Awareness Campaign to the Rotary International Conference in Lisbon, 2013. Our stall there was one of the most frequently visited by other Rotarians from all over the world and we now have a large database of support internationally. This is an on-going project for which we hold fund raisers, proceeds going to Chipembere.


The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is a privately run, non-profit organization committed to
assisting in the protection and conservation of Africa’s rhino.


The Chipembere Rhino Foundation’s mission is to create awareness of the threat facing Africa’s fragile population of rhino. The long term vision would be to expand the funding by Chipembere Rhino Foundation into a multi pronged approach namely:

1.On the ground equipment support for anti-poaching teams that operate on wildlife reserves in Southern Africa.

2.Monitoring assistance such as the supply of telemetry tracking devices, veterinary procedures involving veld ID kits,ear notching and rhino DNA data base kits.

3.Creating a media awareness programme that would focus primarily on the youth through education based talks at schools and through the collective genre of artists associated with the Chipembere Rhino Foundation.

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is a dedicated team of conservation specialists who have been supported by passionate donors over the past 2 years. We, with your unwavering support have made an impactful difference to the safety and security of rhino and the custodians that are dedicated with protecting this iconic flagship species. The commitment by all involved has led to the Chipembere Rhino Foundation providing tangible equipment, technology, information and relocation assistance to
rhino reserves that show a conservation ethic that is shared by the foundation.

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