Periwinkle Trust

February 2015. We have received a generous donation from Periwinkle to be used in setting up assistance for a creche for disabled children – another amazing service project in the process of coming on line.


This was established in 2010, the brainchild of several owners of holiday homes at Kenton on Sea, who wished to help make a difference in their ‘home-from-home’ community. Mrs Sue Dovey and Past President Bruce Steele-Gray put their heads together and came up with a plan whereby The Rotary Club of Kenton and Sue’s team would organise an annual Golf Day at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club, to be held in December, the proceeds from which would go to a joint Trust named the Rotary Periwinkle Trust.

The Trust is up and running and will be financed on an annual basis by Periwinkle and administered by Rotary Kenton. The Periwinkle Organisers donated an initial R12,000 to Rotary to start the project off and 60+ needy children are now being fed from the Noluthando soup kitchen. The control of the soup kitchen is administered by Child Welfare while Rotary Kenton is responsible for the maintenance of the premises from which the soup kitchen is run, and will co-ordinate future efforts.

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