LN-4 – Give Hope Give a Hand

– A Rotary Partner –

The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation

We provide a light, durable, functional prosthetic hand to every person who wants one and can benefit from it, and do so at no charge.

The video below demonstrates our mission better than words.

Rotary’s relationship with this amazing, life changing project also came about as a result of our presence at the RI International Convention in Lisbon, 2013. Ambassadors Karen Thompson and Greg Williams so impressed us that we invited them, through our District, to give a presentation at our District Conference aboard the MSC Opera in April 2014. They spent a few days with us prior to the conference and trained some of our members to be able to ‘give hope, give a hand’. A hand was given to a local farm worker who had lost a hand in an accident. What an amazing experience to give this man back most of the functions of the lost hand. A 2nd recipient was a young man with a birth defect who also now has so many more ways in which he can use his new hand. This programme is on-going and we hope to identify more recipients as the word spreads.

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