Sustainable Seas Trust

– A Rotary Partner –

Raising awareness about something is the first step towards action. Sustainable Seas Trust aims to raise awareness about environmental issues by communicating with the public and sharing knowledge with them. This communication takes place in the form of films, media releases and even lectures. SST strives to empower people with this knowledge, allowing them to empower others and take action towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable Seas Trust is also driving a project that will lead to the declaration of Hope Spots around the South African coastline. Since Hope Spots have been defined as “special places that are critical to the health of the ocean” and South Africa definitely has no shortage of these, the declaration of Hope Spots will be exceedingly important for driving awareness, education and action in South Africa and for preserving our beautiful oceans.

Our Club’s relationship with SST is the result of a presentation made by them to our Club. They have a base situated in Kenton and, as a coastal town, we are interested in anything to do with operations affecting our community. We support their efforts in raising awareness and education of members of the community.

October 2014

Prof Tony Ribbink at our Club meeting on 21 October 2014 where he delivered an update address on the activities and progress of SST. The SA Hope Spots have now been identified and Algoa Bay is one of them.

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