Rotary Kenton On Sea Cow Manure / Compost Fundraiser – Started early 2020

Mar 10, 2024 | Manure Project, Our News

Most Successful Projects come from a good idea, hard work and Community Support.

This project was no different – Kenton Rotarians (Simon Matthews and Norman Smith) who own a dairy farm, offered to supply Rotary with well matured manure, a large supply of bags and free delivery into Kenton. We were delighted and employed two unemployed gardeners and a team of Rotarians, packed bags of dried manure. This is better known as “Brown Gold” or Moo Poo, as it was called by Club members.

Advertisements are sent out to Garden Clubs, Social Media and Whatsapp groups. Along with this, we also advertise through Rotary FB pages and other social media platforms which kept the orders rolling in. There are often waiting lists which are established. Repeat orders came from early days despite a break when a complete Covid lockdown prevented deliveries.

“When you have something to sell that every gardener wants, you have a winner” says Roger Carthew who along with Peter Reid, is instrumental in keeping this B…Shit project alive.

The cows never go on strike, several local packers find employment and the Rotary Club of Kenton On Sea nets approximately R120 000 each year and counting, on future sales.

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