Snare eradication project August – 2021

Aug 11, 2021 | Snare Eradication

The Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea snare eradication trail walks took place today with game guard Hunter from Assegai Conservancy.

Lands End through Dry Bones : Blue Duiker spoor of ewes and rams. Bush buck ewe seen sunning herself on Ridge North of Dry Bones.
Joan Muirhead Reserve : 2 Grysbok ewes. Grysbok and Blue Duiker spoor.
Behind Municipal offices : Bushbuck spoor.
Area opposite Cannon Tool hire : Much Bushbuck and Grysbok spoor. Very fresh. (Photo.)
Two snares (photo) were removed very close to where builders were working. Probably set by them in last couple of days.
Spoke with them re the snares and told them we will be checking and remove them.
West of police station : Bokkies have returned ! No more dog spoor.
2 Grysbok rams.
Blue Duiker ewe spoor.


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